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“It’s a way for parents to have a guarantee, or a chance, for them to be grandparents someday.”Egg freezing has been around for decades, but it’s seen a gain in popularity since the development of vitrification.

A flash freezing method that’s far more successful than the slow freezing technique previously used to preserve eggs, vitrification “really changed everything,” said Kristen Mancinelli, director of education at Extend Fertility.

In a world where parents prepare their pre-schoolers to get into Ivy League colleges, it’s not such a stretch to begin planning a family well before you’re in a position to start one.

Every woman is born with the total number of eggs she’s going to have in her lifetime, after all, and in the past few years, this fact has been resonating with younger and younger women who feel the need to control and organize more aspects of their lives — because they can.

Alle Einsteiger und diejenigen, die bisher nur mitgelesen haben, finden an dieser Stelle unser kleines Regelwerk.

Copperman called “extraordinary.”That average comes from the over 400 women who have undergone oocyte cryopreseveration at RMA New York, whose ages range from around 21 (usually women who have breast cancer or other medical diagnoses that could limit their future chances of conceiving) to forty-something. Copperman, 27 is the earliest age at which single women choose to freeze their eggs for elective reasons.

I know the word ‘empowered’ gets thrown around a lot,” said Copperman, “but it is in many cases empowering for a woman to control not only when she doesn’t get pregnant [via birth control] but when she does get pregnant.”The prepper mentality isn’t just coming from young women.

“What I’m finding is that parents are a huge driver of this, giving away egg freezing to their graduating daughters from college,” said Landis, especially when their daughters are entering demanding graduate programs like medical or law school.

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Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,herzlich willkommen in unserem Forum!A number of factors contribute to younger women deciding to freeze their eggs.

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