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They can be man-made, as in breeds of dogs and cats, both of which are races of one species.Note for people worried about evolution: it's not necessary to believe the full theory of evolution; species date back so far that their beginnings are in the far, far remote past.'Jews' are a sub-race produced by the written word.

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Although study of Jews is yet another time-consuming subject, and at present is an aspect of home-schooling, once it is mastered it gives a much more accurate and simplified view of the world than without it. At present, many people, unthinkingly, imagine that discussing Jewish influence is not important.

In particular, 'Jews' are a sub-race produced by the written word.

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L’argomento scelto riguardava i personaggi mitologici. E precisamente il Dio Pan, metà uomo e metà capra, famoso per il suo famigerato appetito sessuale. Alla fine di quella metamorfosi apparve come una folle baccante di Dioniso, una sacerdotessa pronta ad immolarsi ai piaceri orgiastici del suo Dio padrone.… continue reading »

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