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Tyeb Mehta’s art signifies equality and shows that a female is no less compared to a male when it comes to sheer physical strength.

The defeat of Mahisasura earned Durga the renowned name ‘Mahisasuramardini’ which means the destroyer of Mahisasura.8.

The Veena represents knowledge, which again is unconventional.

The river in the backdrop symbolizes flow of knowledge in humans and its journey towards an ocean where it accumulates in the way that every other idea in the world is brought together.3.

The painting is drawn in a symmetrical fashion which seems to showcasethe fact that the brothers were projections of each other’s image.

Jamini Roy has made use of earthly colours in a very exuberant fashion in this painting. Krishna, spring in Kullu by Nicholas Roerich Source: https:// spread was not confined to the Indian subcontinent and had its reach far beyond the peaks of the Himalayas.

Mahisasura by Tyeb Mehta Source: 1996 painting was sold for .2 million at Christie’s auction in 2012 and is a source of inspiration for modern day Indian artists.

It was created in the 1990s and is being updated regularly as more archaeolog...

Shakuntala by Raja Ravi Verma Source:https:// Not only has Raja Ravi Verma immortalized gods and goddesses but also many prominent figures in Hindu tradition.

This painting depicts an important character Shakuntala from the epic Mahabharata.

If you observe closely, Mahalakshmi despite being the goddess of wealth is clad in simple attire, just like any other human being.

There is not as much as a hint of exuberant jewellery or precious stones adorning her body.Ravi Verma’s perception of wealth was quite different from conventional ideas and it implies that wealth is not something that holds significance in the physical form and it means much more than that.2.