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” Baseball was huge with folks from little country hamlets to big-city residents.

Fort Smith also boasted immaculately groomed Andrews Field, where semi-pro teams regularly played, and “knothole” passes were given to little boys to watch through the holes in the wooden fence in exchange for shagging balls.

In 1948, with donations from civic minded folks, Hunt’s Baseball Field was decked out in lights at a cost of ,000, a considerable amount of money in those days.

With lights, baseball teams could compete well into the night.

Graças a sua natureza anônima, encontrar garotas para conversar pode ser algo difícil.

Assim que você encontrar uma, você tem que manter a atenção dela também!

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The “Barling Darling” Hal Smith was working there for the winter, and Harry Caray greeted him warmly.

Hundreds of boys, including Billy, sat on the gym floor waiting to hear Caray yell out his favorite phrase: “It might be, it could be, it is, a home run!

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