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08-Jul-2017 05:38

The course includes: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I got into this industry because I love working with people and helping students learn.

Ljubljana will also host Jono Brandel & Lullatone Studios, the inventors of the simple, yet unbelievably creative portable animation / sound kit – Patatap.

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The conference segment of the festival is expected to attract more than 200 music experts (agents, record label executives, promoters, organizers, managers and media representatives), and it is our privilege to announce panel participants from online music magazine Louder Than War, music agency Charmenko Agency and festivals Exit, Pohoda, Iceland Airwaves, Žedno uho and Waves Vienna/Bratislava.

When you've exhausted one alphabet of options, press the space bar to totally change all the sounds and graphics associated with each key.

According to Brandel's website, the project is meant to showcase synesthesia — where stimulating one sense causes an experience in another.

Create animated GIFs from You Tube, videos, or images decorate captions stickers patatap portable animation sound kit.

Share your on Facebook touch finger melodies charged moving shapes.

It takes full advantage of its geo-strategic position, showing pride in its small, yet unique, vibrant and diverse local scene, and showcasing carefully selected high-profile international guests and new music talent “from the Balkans to the Baltic and beyond”.

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