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While Lyn has a few other massive OST hits under her belt (some which I enjoyed), I still firmly believe that this track tops the rest of them.Her vocals draw you in and hold you there for the entire length of the song, not once letting you go. You're my "unnie" only by a few months but I adore you and believe in you.

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She's a really great actress and she have great chemistry with other actors. She's just so natural and she's beautiful, very down to earth person. Not one of the best among idol-actresses but among actresses in general. ;) I just hope that you can reply with our comments her though you are busy .. i dont think she fits girly fashionista crybaby roles Unnie i love you so much reply me 1997 was the first drama i have eber seen and i didnt use to listen to kpop but after i heard the song i became a fan of kpop music i wish to know the type of your mobile :-D :-D ^_^ i like to know the types of mobile phones as i want to buy a new one Unnie I love you. Your voice, appearance, personality and acting is just daebak for me!!Her acting, singing and personality are all so loveable, it's impossible to not like her hahaha. I'd reserve any kind of judgement until she's gotten a few more acting jobs under her belt. Sure, her acting isn't wooden or unnecessarily cutesy, but that doesn't mean she's a natural talent. To what that person Eungelic said, That is her role. She is not the main character but her acting stands out. Her acting in Reply 1997 was good, but now watching TWTWB she looks so stiff. Just another mediocre idol-actor that was lucky to get a role that suit her, but know that she has to play a different character is showing us she sucks.