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Le Mesurier’s army of fans, meanwhile, ­pursued him for ­autographs when he went out to restaurants.

Or accosted him when the cast were on location in Norfolk.

In the Fifties, there were impromptu, early morning ­jamming sessions with the likes of Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, and Michael Bentine.

And long, ­unpredictable pub crawls around the streets of Soho with his closest friend Tony Hancock.

A third, meanwhile, would be dispatched to fetch him a sandwich, while Lowe (who played the irascible Captain Mainwaring) waited impatiently for his turn.

The voluptuous young actress who bewitched John Le Mesurier at The Player’s theatre in 1946 could not have been less like the character of the stern, busty matron in the Carry On films that she would eventually make her own.The only trouble was, the women to whom he lost his heart never reciprocated that loyalty.