Executive friends professional dating

28-Oct-2017 18:13

Alexa's reliability, compassion, and intuition make her a great matchmaker.

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A lover of both the city and the outdoors, Morgan is just as comfortable dancing among throngs of revelers at music festivals, or sipping a quiet glass of wine in San Francisco, her trusty DSLR ever present at her side.

Lindsey is a published author, chef, nutritionist, and licensed mental health professional experienced in relationship therapy.

She has a double masters degree and doctoral level education in Psychology.

From hosting fitness infomercials to working at Beachbody and Zumba, Alisa's career path has always focused on helping people improve their lives.

With experience in media and fitness, and a degree from Rutgers, Alisa has always been the matchmaker in her group of friends.Phil has matched couples within the LGBTQ community, and continues to dedicate himself to assist fellow community members achieve happiness in relationships.