Dating site for widow and widower

30-Nov-2017 16:04

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Christine (Summer Glau), an elf from Santa's village who wonders if there could be more to life than making toys in the ...

See full summary » Manhattanite Catherine O'Mara (Heche) bonds with a young man who has run away from his father.

Ernst, the right-hand man to several generations of Santas, ...

See full summary » Sara Vancamp ('Eva La Rue') is a busy mom with no Christmas spirit.

I’m sorry to say that despite my own efforts to alert and to warn, with an eye toward prevention, these tragic accidents continue to this day.

I HAVE REVIEWED OVER 400 (C H R I S T M A S ) MOVIES AND SPECIALS. Both sets of children are determined to keep their traditions of the past, even if it means spending the holiday apart.A bookstore owner and hopeless romantic meets the man of her dreams and tries to save her business with the help of a business consultant. See full summary » Fifteen year old aspiring singer/songwriter Headly Henderson and her widowed mother René Henderson, co-owner of René & Lou's Bistro, have been the focus of each other's lives since René's husband/Headly's father Michael Henderson died suddenly in a tragic accident five years ago. But as Headly is getting to the age where she may want some "boy" time of her own, especially as Bodie Miller, a childhood friend, has just reentered her life and shows interest, Headly wants her mother to find some love of her own again, which René has resisted if only because Michael was the love of her life.Unable to get René signed up to a dating website without a valid credit card, Headly and her more technologically adept friend Willis decide to create their own method of online dating with men of their choosing.Please if you LOVE Christmas you will love this film.

The film is about what is important in life and how we should all treat one another. A busy single mother begins organizing her city's Christmas parade.