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The report will give us the background of CIA Counter intelligence program that culminated in the New York Times article on UFO Disclosure.Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and his guests Susan Manewich from New Energy Movement and Alexandra Bruce from Forbidden Knowledge TV examine the latest revelations from the New York Times article that reveals a DOD Program that tracked UFO activity from 2007-2012 named AATIP.Dark Journalist notes that UC Berkeley Professor Peter Dale Scott coined the term "The Deep State" and also created a category called "Deep Events." These events, such as the JFK Assassination, Watergate, Iran/Contra or 9/11, often share similar characteristics In this special Live Broadcast, Dark Journalist and his guest Alexandra Bruce from Forbidden Knowledge TV examine the latest revelations from the JFK Records Releases along with stunning information about the connection between the Deep State assassination of JFK with the suppression of exotic technology obtained from UFOs.They also discuss the role of covert agencies suppressing breakthrough energy technology and the connections between the JFK assassination, UFO secrecy, Admiral Byrd, alternative technologies, false flag terrorism, censorship and US government propaganda.In this exciting Part 2 episode, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews Chemtrails HAARP Author Elena Freeland on her upcoming book, Under an Ionized Sky: Chemtrails & Space Fence Lockdown.Elana's research into the true purpose of the obscure and controversial project that was ostensibly set up to collect 'Space Debris' has now led her to see it as part of a massive effort to remake the Earth's atmosphere in order to launch the most ambitious Global Surveillance Project that will even make Human DNA searchable.Dark Journalist & Forbidden Knowledge TV's Alexandra Bruce on 2017 JFK Assassination Records Release, UFOs and the Redacted Jim Garrison files that have yet to be released by the CIA.That particular set of records may not only reveal attempts by intelligence to infiltrate and destroy Garrison's investigation, they may also reveal the fact that Garrison focused his entire investigation on the Aerospace/UFO wing of the National Security State..what he discovered!

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She also points out that the false alien threat story will be used as a smokescreen to coverup the real story on UFOs and distract from hardcore research into The Missing Money. Dark Journalist Broadcasts a Special Live New Years Report January 1st 2018. This in-depth preview of the upcoming Report on The Fake CIA UFO Disclosure Op of Harry Reid, Robert Bigelow, Luis Elizondo & Tom De Longe will outline the main issues with Special Guest Gigi Young!

Here’s what I found: This proves, in stark and undeniable terms, two things:…

Dark Journalist takes an in-depth look into the rise of covert forces and exposes hidden information on how they exert influence on our world.

Joseph Farrell and UC Berkeley Professor Peter Dale Scott, along with interviews with Watergate Attorney Douglas Caddy and the Late Jim Marrs, Dark Journalist outlines how 70 years of Covert Operations relating to COG and the SSP have made Official Institutions unaccountable to the general public. In this exciting and groundbreaking episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter Linda Moulton Howe for Part 1 of her most important and revealing interview ever!

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Alien Resurrection Technology Linda recounts her deep investigation of unique UFO abduction cases where the contactee is shown an advanced genetic material process that involves keeping a human being alive or resuscitating them so they can achieve their true soul's purpose.If you were looking for the innovative edge of journalism, you've found it!

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